This one requires Prayer and Fasting

Friday January 29th - in lieu of March for life, St. John Neumann Parish will engage in a day of Fasting and Prayer for the Sanctity of Life from Womb to Tomb.

Fasting - One normal meal and two small meals that together do not equal one meal.

Prayer - We will engage in a prayer hour from 6-7 PM at St. John Neumann. This will be livestreamed so that all parishioners can join in live Prayers will be be posted here.

Why Fasting? Fasting is not a pious practice thought up by mystics and monks. It was directly demonstrated and taught to us by Jesus himself. He fasted 40 days in the desert at the beginning of His earthly ministry. He taught His disciples that some demons could only be cast out through Prayer and Fasting, so He tells us that fasting has impact outside of fostering our own spiritual growth. He frequently (one might assume daily) drew away by himself for prayer, giving it the same priority as His teaching and healing.

Fast and Prayer for Life
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