Angels & Demons - Oct 26 Nov 9

Jesus directly speaks of Angels and of Demons throughout the Gospels, and Old Testament provides powerful examples. These spiritual beings have not gone away. What role do they play in our lives, our faith our eternal destination?

October 26th "Angels" - with Mike Aquilina, who has authored over 50 Catholic books, including Angels of God: The Bible, the Church and the Heavenly Hosts. Mike will share the amazing things that the Bible has to tell us about these powerful ancient beings.

November 9th "Demons" - with Dave VanVickle, who combines his personal experience assisting with exorcisms with the long held teachings and biblical truths of the Church to help us understand the workings of demons and our protections against them.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn what our Catholic faith tells us about the Spiritual Realm that surrounds us and those that dwell therein.

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