HeBrews - Men's Ministry


Coffee in the AM, Beer in the PM - Jesus 24/7

HeBrews AM 

Thursday-Morning Bible Study - 7:30 AM

We use a historical/ cultural approach to understanding the context of scripture so that we can better understand it's meaning for our lives.  Based on Sunday scripture readings.  We usually meet at a local coffee shop, but during our current COVID times we are: 

On-site at St. John Neumann or VIA ZOOM at: https://zoom.us/j/580587992?pwd=ZC9qM2tpS0VkTW1xWE91SE5udG5CZz09  

Passcode: 15237

HeBrews PM 

Monthly Theological Discussions - Thursday Evenings

These are usually hosted at local Brew Pubs or Breweries.  Stay tuned for our 2021 Schedule of Events. 

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