Meet Our Clergy

Come and get to know our priests and deacons



Fr. Tim Deely

Fr. Tim Deely became administrator of our grouping of parishes effective June 7, 2021.  He has served with us since his ordination.  •  412-366-5885 x 31

jeffrey craig-300x300.png

Parochial Vicar

Fr. Jeff Craig

Fr. Jeff was assigned to our parishes after his ordination.  He has a special relationship with St. John Neumann going back generations.  Ask him about it!  •  412-366-5885 x 32


Permanent Deacon

Deacon Rick Caruso

Our very own "DJ" Deacon Rick has at times both inspired and entertained us.  We are blessed he is in our service.  •  412-366-5885 x 23

Deacon Bill 2021.jpg

Permanent Deacon

Deacon Bill Palamara

Deacon Bill was ordained in 2011. In addition to his parish assignment, he is assigned to the Diaconate Office where he helps with the formation of deacon candidates.  •  412-366-5885 x 26

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